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sugar shock

I started a Swallowtail Shawl last Fall and quit working on it after about 2 nupp rows. I really want to finish it because it's gorgeous Malabrigo lace in a red color with tiny bits of pink, but I can't bring myself to work on it at all.

I did just buy some Casbah myself, and am looking for a pattern for it. I knitted a pair of Cricket socks with my first skein (a black/purple/red colorway). For this I'm imagining something watery that reminds me of fish or mermaids because it's turquoise and green, but I don't love anything yet. What are you making with yours?


I just finished the second row of nupps! The first was just dreadful, but I made the stitches in the nupp MUCH looser the second time around, and it's not too bad at all. Pick it up again, that Malabrigo lace is gorgeous stuff.

For the Casbah, I don't know yet with this colorway, but I did make these (Rav link) in a similar sounding colorway. It's a Loopy Ewe sock club pattern, but you could probably find something similar?

sugar shock

I think that when I was doing my nupps, I was using my tiny crochet hook (the one I normally use for picking up sock sts) to pull the yarn through instead of trying to k5tog. It takes an extra second to pick up the hook every time, but I definitely felt like it made them a little easier. Not enough to keep going though apparently. :)

I think my Casbah might actually be the same color! I'm kind of considering just going through my books and finding a lace pattern I like and making something up for those. We'll see I guess.

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