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Y'know what's funny? You make a post from Poland... and half of the pictures... Nay, more than half of the pictures... are of yarn.


Mama Hughes

How did swatchy like the flight?  No air sickness for her, I bet.

sugar shock

YAY! You know, now that I'm seeing the yarn, I wish I had ordered more
too. Mine looks fantastic, so I'm not complaining. I'm just coveting
yours as well. :)

I'm glad you're having fun in Poland too. Did you finish the shrug on time?


well... yeah they are. =) but soccer! i went to a soccer game on my first day here! i'll put in another quick post just for you :)


swatchy is a bit of a lush, she had vodka, and brandy, and a variety of drinks to keep her entertained throughout the flight. and she had no problems with leg room, so she had a much better time than the rest of us. =0 


it'll be hard to part with the wollmeise, that's for sure. and i almost had the shrug finished on time, just needed to get the little bit of contrast ribbing on the sleeve finished. FO pics to come as soon as i can get my grandmother to model it for me. =) she's pretty fussy about how her hair looks, so it could be a few days...

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