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those look great!  I've been wanting to make some red socks for a while now, as well as giving hedera a shot. I haven't broken down and knit monkey yet though. I'm sort of bucking the trend right now.  :D

sugar shock

I'm totally in LOVE with that Blaqk Audio album. Cranky Teenager has it
on her iPod, and I'm not sure where she got it but we don't own it
around here, so I keep pestering her to hook her iPod up to the stereo
so I can hear it again. MUST OWN!


It's SUCH a good cd. We used to be an all AFI all the time household, and now it's turning into all Blaqk Audio all the time. (Sadly, the boy really doesn't care for electronic music, so I'm trying not to inflict it upon him too much - my ipod is getting quite a workout!) 


Thanks! Hedera is a pretty easy pattern, only a four row repeat, and it's really stretchy, so the fit is great. 

sugar shock

I've never really been all that interested in AFI. I saw them in
concert about a bajillion years ago (94-95ish?) when I had no idea who
they were and they were opening for Rancid, and I liked them enough
that I bought their album Answer That And Stay Fashionable (on tape no
less). But, then I never listened to it and they sort of got forgotten
until Cranky Teenager got into them recently. I guess I just haven't
been in much of a punkrock sort of mood for the last few years (could
be because my ex took all the punkrock when we broke up). But Blaqk
Audio? LOVE! I'm going to have to get my own copy so that I can listen
to it loudly in the car.


Loudly in the car is totally the way to go. Also good is loudly at the gym. Probably loud anywhere would be right. They need to list some more tour dates, preferably something within driving distance, since I doubt that Buffalo is high on their list of places to go..

Answer That and Stay Fashionable is good, but my fave AFI cd is still Black Sails in the Sunset. =) 

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